Phoenix, AZ, March 18, 2020 – In response to the COVOID-19 crisis, the United States Mixed Martial Arts Federation has temporarily suspended all membership fees for new and existing clubs.

The decision to suspend membership fees comes in response to many states ordering the closure of gyms and fitness centers around the country. UMMAF President Ryan Brueggeman explains,”UMMAF has taken this step in order to help out the clubs around the country. With many state governments mandating the suspension of operations of gyms to aid in the prevention of the COVOID-19 virus, we had to look internally at what we could do to help these club owners in their time of need when the gyms cannot operate or are limited by state directed class sizes. The UMMAF Club Program was designed to save clubs money by providing savings on things like insurance for the gyms, legal help, web design and maintenance, gym equipment and supplement products etc. Typically, this would require that a club pay a membership fee to UMMAF to gain access to these operational cost saving benefits. Right now, paying extra money isn’t an option for these clubs, many of whom are having to suspend classes, and wonder how they will pay coaches and employees. Clubs can gain access to substantial savings on things they already need through these benefits and keep their businesses in place, or be able to aid an athlete who lost has lost his job but still wants to go to the gym and train yet cant pay for it, or help make payroll. If we can help then it’s our responsibility as a National Federation to support them and them in anyway we can.”

Brueggeman went on to say, “It just makes sense to save money where you can in times like this. In addition to joining UMMAF at no cost and saving money to help sustain your business, the clubs also receive voting rights in the federation during election cycles and can help direct the governance of UMMAF.”

“Frankly its the right thing to do for all of the gyms around the country at this point and UMMAF is the only National Federation with programs in place to help the clubs get immediate relief by limiting the amount of money they will spend during the state mandated closures.”

Brueggeman stated, “I am thankful that UMMAF is in a position to be able to offer free club memberships to access these benefits and to aid the clubs in the United States. Obviously offering free membership with access to benefits is not something we can do for an extended amount of time, however right now it’s about banding together, supporting each other and making sure that we all come out on the other side of this situation stronger and united as a federation and sport family.”

Access to the cost saving benefits may be accessed through 1 Year Free UMMAF Membership (COVOID – 19)