UMMAF Club Membership

Tools for Helping You Run a Successful Business

We know that running a successful MMA Gym takes more than will power and desire, it takes a Team.  That Team might consist of Coaches who share your vision and help you support your customers, but you also need trusted service providers who know that running a successful business requires you being able to afford the essential tools required to operate and grow your company.   That’s where the UMMAF Club Membership can give you the help you need!

This is your chance to be one of the first gyms to experience the benefits of the UMMAF Club Membership designed to give you a unique competitive edge in your market, reduce your operating costs, and provide added benefits that help you attract new clients to your Gym!

Current Club Benefits Include:

RDX LogoRDX has long been recognized as a leader in Gym Equipment.  As an official UMMAF Sponsor, they are offering UMMAF Member Gyms the ability to save up to 40% off their standard retail pricing on the Gear and Equipment you need to run your gym.

Gold and black lettering - golden services group, marketing and communications specialistKeeping up with the digital landscape can be hard, that’s why the UMMAF has partnered with the professionals at Golden Services Group, LLC to help you streamline your time, cost and efforts and get back to what you love to do – manage your gym!   Experts in Communications and Digital Marketing, Golden Services Group, LLC offers a complete scope of service that can help you stay competitive in the online and mobile landscape without breaking the bank.

Benefits for UMMAF Members Include:

  • Reduced Technical Labor Rate:  Instead of the typical 75$/hour (or greater) labor rate charged for digital services, UMMAF Gym Members benefit from an every-day savings of 40% off, so you only pay $30/hour for Web Development or Digital marketing needs.
This Technical Labor Rate can be applied to the following services:
    • Website Updates, Technical Support and Technical Maintenance
    • Adding an Online Store to your Website or New Products/Services
    • New Web Development Projects (payment plan options available)
    • Digital Marketing Support (Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Ad Set-up & Execution)
    • Content Writing (non-technical only)
    • Graphic Design

Zero Cost Needs Analysis – there is zero cost to having a conversation to determine how they might help you.

The UMMAF has partnered with Durante Insurance & Financial Services to provide targeted cost-saving policies that help you save money on key coverage for your gym including:

  • Accidental Medical Insurance
  • Event Insurance
  • Club Liability Insurance
  • Property Liability Insurance

Legal shield logoIn cooperation with our Service Partner, Durante Insurance & Financial Services, UMMAF Members have access to essential legal support offered through Legal Shield.  This service provides you with access to necessary legal advice and support you need to run your gym while providing huge savings compared to hiring an attorney directly.  Members benefits include:

  • Work with experienced attorneys to write or review essential documents like vendor contracts or membership forms.
  • Save thousands of dollars over hiring an attorney directly.
  • Sleep easy knowing your business follows applicable laws for your state.
  • Assistance with intellectual property, copyrights, patents, and trademarks.
  • Immigration or International Law

fastlane savings LogoGiving your Members great value will help your gym stand out among others in your market.  That’s where our Service Partner at Fastlane Savings can help you save money on everyday purchase with either your business expenses or offer the product as an additional perk to your Gym Members.   Access to their online program of over 300,000 merchant locations and over 400 local and national brands is normally $40 per person per year.  All UMMAF Gym Members save $30 on their annual membership only paying $10 per year and the potential to save thousands year-round on travel, entertainment, shopping, and dining!

The Fastlane Savings Program includes a Mobile App available on Apple and Android.

Benefits include…

  • Reduce Everyday Business & Personal Expenses with 10% – 50% off on Dining, Shopping, Travel Entertainment, and more.
  • Honored at over 300,000 Local and National Retail Locations
  • Encourage Annual Membership Renewals with a Value-Added Bonus for Joining Your Gym Membership!
  • Use it to Reward Special Employees or Customers for their loyalty!
  • Market your business with a custom logo and contact information (Great for trade shows and community events!)

As an added bonus, Members Step into a Worldwide Program Developed for Amateur MMA Athletes that Includes:

  • IMMAF Belt Ranking through the IMMAF Belt Progression Program giving certification belts for those who simply want to train in the sport of MMA without competing. (Coaching Certification and Program Fees Apply)
  • IMMAF Trainer Certification brought to your Club to train your Coaches on the IMMAF standards for competition and belt progression.  (Additional fees apply.)
  • UMMAF Voting Rights for UMMAF General and Extraordinary General Assemblies.
  • UMMAF Swag including a UMMAF Banner to display in your Club and a Certified Club Window Sticker for your entrance.
  • Cross-Market Your Club Online with a listing of your Club on the UMMAF Website as an Authorized Training Facility.

Club Responsibilities

  • Club Owner agrees to honor all UMMAF Members by allowing them to train for 1 week, every 6 months at no charge.  Beyond that, it is recommended that the Club offers a special Member Rate to athletes preparing for competition.
  • Club Owner agrees to cross-market UMMAF on their website and through Social Media following Branding Guidelines.
  • Club Owner must comply with the UMMAF Code of Conduct.
  • Club Owner agrees to promote UMMAF Team Trials to Members of their Club in order to provide them the opportunity to qualify for International Competition.
  • Current Membership is required to receive benefits.  Annual Membership Dues are non-refundable.

Are You Ready to be First UMMAF Club in Your Market?  Get started saving on your club expenses today!

COVID-19 Relief Membership –  First 12 Months FREE  

Beginning Year 2 (when all of this is far behind us) Membership Continues at $250/Year