The United States Mixed Martial Arts Federation announces the retirement of outgoing President Frank Babcock. Mr. Babcock announced his intention to retire to the UMMAF Board of Directors on December 29th, 2019. A statement from Mr. Babcock below.

December 31, 2019

To the membership of KICK International dba UMMAF. As we enter another new year, we can look back at many accomplishments and look forward to future success for KICK International and its affiliated organization UMMAF. We are continuing to expand our national and international presence and leadership in the amateur combative competitive sports world of mixed martial arts. Other organizations demonstrate the level of our success by their continuing to follow our lead and actions by imitating what we are and have been doing to advance and promote all martial arts. I am personally both gratified and proud of the positive impacts of UMMAF’s national and international activities and the directions UMMAF has helped to take martial arts. Our organization has never been stronger, both nationally and internationally.
As we focus on the future, we must recognize that all organizations evolve over time. Such evolution includes the changes that occur in the leadership of organizations. I too recognize that all organizations and the leadership of organizations must change over time. In recognition of these facts, I am taking this opportunity to inform you of my resignation as an officer and director of KICK International/UMMAF, operating as USA Mixed Martial Arts Kick International federation aka UMMAF, K.I.C.K., and effective January 22, 2020. On that date, UMMAF Vice President Ryan Brueggeman will succeed me in all of my official positions as President and CEO in all of our organizational duties as outlined in our bylaws. I will assist by providing a smooth transition in all matters and remain available as a contributing consultant as long as needed and possible.
In closing, I want to thank each and every one of you for sharing my enduring love and passionate commitment to the advancement and success of our organization and all martial arts, both nationally and internationally, over the years. Please continue to provide Ryan all the support needed for the continued growth of the organization and oversight for the safety of the athletes.