The United States Mixed Martial Arts Federation (UMMAF) has announced a 90 day nomination period for the office of Vice President. Once this nomination period has ended, the nominees will be democratically elected by way of a vote by the UMMAF Membership at the upcoming Extraordinary General Assembly tentatively scheduled for July 11th, 2020.

UMMAF President Ryan Brueggeman stated, “The democratic election of our new Vice President is essential to the transparency of our federation and that comes with a responsibility to our Members. It is critically important that all nominees understand that this is an active role in the democratic governance of our federation.”

“This democratic process is part of UMMAF’s ongoing commitment to allow the clubs and gyms from across the nation, with our memberships, to have a voice in the way the federation conducts itself. It is our hope that our 100+ club memberships flood us with nominees so that we can present the best candidates to the Voting Membership.”

All nominations, along with a brief statement as to why you feel you or your nominee would be a good candidate and the nominees contact information can be sent to