The International MMA Federation (IMMAF) has released its latest educational video: MMA in Context.

As an educational tool for Mixed Martial Arts, the feature has been produced with a layman audience in mind and aims to correct misconceptions, misinformation and prejudices surrounding use of the caged competition area and aspects of the sport’s ground game: working from the bottom position, stoppages and referee presence, etc.

UMMAF Vice President and National Director Ryan Brueggeman says, “So often in our sport we hear the referee and judging critics out there as well as coaches wanting to protest calls and decisions.  A lot of the time it’s simply due to a lack of knowledge based on criteria that has been established by the Unified Rules of MMA and the Unified Amateur Rules as established by the IMMAF.  By simply studying up on these criteria, fighters and coaches can make better decisions when establishing a game plan for competition while understanding calls that are made by the referee and decisions by judges.  The casual fan would also see deeper into the beauty of our sport.  These videos by IMMAF along with the knowledge of Marc Goddard go a long way to achieving these goals.”

World renown MMA referee, IMMAF committee member and regulatory affairs consultant, Marc Goddard, guides viewers through key factors of amateur MMA competition under the IMMAF banner: