Team USA’s Darian Weeks picked up his first win in the IMMAF Oceania Championships, currently being held in Melbourne, Australia as part of the Arnold Classic.  Weeks faced a tough opponent in Australia’s Cody Barnwell in the welterweight division.  The fight started off slowly with Weeks and Barnwell pawing and feinting at each other to find their range.

Later in the second round Weeks asserted himself and shot in for a take down which placed Barnwell against the cage.  Weeks controlled the action throwing knees to the body of Barnwell.  Barnwell would make it to his feet and get some separation before Weeks again shot in and scored the take down again.  At this point it became clear that the wrestling of Weeks was going to play a major role in the fight.

The third round saw much of the same action with Weeks shooting for the double leg blast take down and controlling the action until one minute left in the match when Barnwell got to his feet and began throwing heavy blows at Weeks.  Weeks responded in kind by returning the favor to Barnwell.  With 10 seconds left in the round Barnwell attempted a throw however it was successfully defended by weeks who locked in a whizzer.

After a the scorecards were tallied, Weeks won a Unanimous Decision win over Barnwell.  Weeks will now face Australia’s Corey Reeves in the Gold Medal finals.