The United States Mixed Martial Arts Federation is proud to announce that Steve Newport has joined our team as the Northwest Regional Director.

Steve started his MMA career in 2004 when regulation started in Oregon and became one of the first MMA Referees for the State. In 2008 he took and passed Big Johns COMMAND MMA Referee Class, notoriously known as one of the most difficult referee and judges training courses available. After his completion of the COMMAND course he then signed on with several other states to be an official for them. Steve has officiated in all of the Major MMA promotions throughout his career. In 2015 He and George Dodd took over the reins of IPRO Officials, an officials training organization that is based in Washington State, and certifies Boxing and MMA Officials for Washington, and Oregon. IPRO is one of the first organizations to gather the best officials in the Boxing and MMA world together for annual trainings. They continue to work in the training and mentoring of officials throughout the Northwest.

Steve started in Martial Arts as a Teenager starting in in the 1980’s with Bushidokan Karate, then in the 90’s he began to study Tae Kwon Do, and continued after he moved to the Portland area. In 2002 he began training at Team Quest Martial Arts under the tutelage of coach Robert Follis. Steve has continued his involvement with studying BJJ with several other schools in the Portland area.
Steve is currently licensed with the State of Washington, and Oregon as a Referee, Judge, and inspector for both Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. He continues to work events on most weekends ranging from local amateur events, to high level professional events throughout the Northwest.

UMMAF Vice President Ryan Brueggeman states, “We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Steve come aboard as our Northwest Regional Director. Steve’s knowledge of varying state laws, relationships with athletes and promotions will certainly help us expand in that region. We look forward to working with and supporting Steve as he works to extend the value of UMMAF sanctioning, the accompanying membership and insurance programs to ensure athlete safety and well regulated events.”

Interested promoters in the Northwestern United States can call 781-400-4772 or email for sanctioning information.