The inaugural IMMAF Oceania Open Championships concluded in Melbourne, Australia, on March 18 in partnership with the Arnold Sports Festival, Australia’s biggest multi-sport event. The new continental championships event represented the vibrant competitive platform for amateur mixed martial artists that IMMAF continues to roll out and build upon, worldwide.

National teams from around the globe came together with representing athletes putting on a showcase of talent for the over 60,000 spectators who passed through the Arnold Sports Festival. The Oceania Open championed the sporting values of IMMAF and stood out among over 40 other featured events and activities.

Pictured: IMMAF President Kerrith Brown

Pictured: IMMAF President Kerrith Brown

IMMAF President Kerrith Brown gives a message of thanks and congratulations:

Together we have placed another stake in the ground for the global community of MMA as the first IMMAF Oceania Open Championships made its debut at the Arnold Sports Festival 2018.

This first installment of the region’s new continental legacy served as a small and intimate event which proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable success and has created sound foundations to build upon and develop.

As President of IMMAF, I apologize for my absence during the event. On behalf of IMMAF I send my congratulations and thanks to all nations and athletes who attended and contributed to the inaugural Oceania Open.

My gratitude goes to the Australian MMA Federation, it’s dedicated President Joe Minehan, board member Stuart Brain and IMMAF Events Manager Alistair Pettitt for all their hard work, commitment and loyalty to the vision of IMMAF.

A big thank you to our good friends and equipment provider Greenhill Sports and all event sponsors who have shared in the enthusiasm for our vision. Also, we give thanks to our host, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the organizers of the terrific Arnold Sports Festival, who provided us with a colorful and welcoming platform.

Together, we are succeeding. Many thanks for your continued support.

Yours in MMA,

Kerrith Brown
IMMAF President