2018 IMMAF Asian Open Championships & IMMAF Junior MMA World Championships

  • 3 – 8 September
  • Shanghai – China


The China International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (CIMMAF) will host IMMAF’s first Junior MMA World Championships and the IMMAF Asian Open Championships in China, in 2018 from 3 to 8 September in Shanghai.

The Junior MMA Championships is open to 18s- 21s only and provides better opportunity for rising stars to shine against competitors within a similar range of experience. It also creates a safer competition environment for younger adults who have not yet reached their physical peak.

Meanwhile, the senior event will remain open to competitors from 18 years old upwards.

Registration is not yet open for the Asian Open. Athletes wishing to participate should contact their national federation for local tryouts information and updates.

CIMMAF issued the following statement:

“We are very excited to be granted the rights from the IMMAF. We must not only organize the Asian Open Championships and Junior MMA Championships in China, but are committed to holding the events to IMMAF’s high standard. Through our efforts, we will make both the IMMAF and the world know of CIMMAF and China.

“China is an extensive and abundant country with the world’s biggest market and consumer groups, and the world’s largest audience. Also, Martial Arts have a long history in China. For these reasons, we want showcase these world-class games to Chinese audiences and combat enthusiasts.

“Moreover, the CIMMAF can provide highly professional operational teams for the accomplishment of these events, including medical professionals and referees, as well as the best amateur fighters. We will do our best to guarantee the safety of every player of MMA, to build up a safe and independent system for each player and team and to reward every player who works hard. We hope to see great participation in the event through our efforts, in order to make the best contribution possible to the field of MMA.

“We thank IMMAF again for the opportunity and for its confidence in the CIMMAF and faith in China. We truly believe that this will stimulate greater support for the sport in the region.”