Listen to the personal story of two MMA athletes who share their stories about their goal to represent Team USA one day in the Olympics. Discover what you can do to help them, and others, achieve their dreams.

 Show Your Support For Amateur MMA Athletes,
Team USA and UMMAF!

Your generous tax-deductible financial donation to USA Mixed Martial Arts Federation (UMMAF) will help us achieve our mission to advance safety standards and practices within amateur MMA nationally, as well as establish a platform for additional competitive opportunities, both nationally and internationally, for amateur MMA athletes. Whether it is $25 or $250, we put every penny to work supporting our Member athletes while helping them achieve their goals.

  • Progressing advanced safety standards and practices in Amateur MMA nationwide.
  • Implementing standardized rules/regulations per state that should be implemented nationwide/globally.
  • State Training and Certification Programs.
  • Developing advancements in safe training environments.
  • Developing world class medical support specific to Amateur MMA.
  • Proper youth development programs.
  • Continued efforts in developing programs that stop abuse, misconduct and harassment of athletes.
  • Programs that develop character and professionalism for amateur MMA athletes.
  • Open opportunities for amateur MMA athletes to advance and excel onto the highest levels of the sport.

As we are a viable, non-profit (501c3) organization, please keep in mind that your donation is tax deductible.

Please print a copy of your receipt from PayPal and a copy of your Payment Confirmation Page to reference for your tax records.

If you would like a letter to be sent in Memorial or Honor of your donation to a third-party, please complete the appropriate field in the check-out process, or send a message through our Contact page.

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