Competitor / Non-Competitor Code of Conduct


Outlined below is the Code of Conduct for all Athletes and Support Personnel within the UMMAF, INCLUDING ALL MARTIAL ARTS UNDER JURISDICTION OF the SANCTIONING BODY, Code of Conduct.

I understand that my compliance with the Code is a requirement for my participation in UMMAF, INCLUDING ALL MARTIAL ARTS UNDER JURISDICTION OF the SANCTIONING BODY. I also recognize that this Code does not establish a complete set of rules that prescribes every aspect of appropriate behavior. Further, I:

  1. Will act in a manner consistent with the spirit of fair play and responsible conduct;
  2. Will recognize, respect and adhere to the authority of UMMAF, appointed coaches and team leaders;
  3. Will attend all team functions, to include meetings, practices, press conferences, competitions, etc. unless excused or otherwise instructed by the team leader or USA MMA KIF and designee;
  4. Will comply with UMMAF, for uniform requirements;
  5. Will be within 5 pounds of my competition weight;
  6. Will adhere to all curfews established by the team leader or UMMAF, and designee;
  7. Will maintain an appropriate level of fitness to promote optimal athletic performance;
  8. Will make every effort to perform to the best of my abilities;
  9. Will refrain from the use of performance-limiting drugs, including, all WADA banned substances, tobacco, and alcohol;
  10. Will refrain from using any substance on the listed USOC Anti-Doping Code or, banned substance list, as enforced by WADA and USADA, and will abide by the drug testing procedures of USADA, and WADA.
  11. Will abide by the policies and rules established by UMMAF
  12. Will respect others, including my teammates, coaches, competitors, officials and spectators;
  13. Will not engage in, nor tolerate, any form of verbal, physical or sexual abuse;
  14. Will respect the property of others;
  15. Will refrain from profanity and derogatory language that would reflect negatively on me and UMMAF,
  16. Will refrain from illegal or inappropriate behavior that would detract from a positive image of me and UMMAF,
  17. Will refrain from engaging in any behavior that could detract from my ability, or my teammates’ ability, to perform optimally;
  18. Will maintain a positive attitude and act in a way that will bring honor to me, the team, UMMAF, and the United States of America;
  19. Will limit socialization with members of the opposite sex to public areas, exceptions being immediate family members, members of UMMAF, delegation and/or other times as approved by the team leader;
  20. Will remember that I am an ambassador for UMMAF, my country and the movement. Any member present during any violation of the Code of Conduct should leave the area immediately or be considered a participant by choice.

Disciplinary Procedures and Penalties

Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct set forth in this document for UMMAF may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the penalties outlined in this agreement of the organization constitution and by-laws. Penalties could include:

  1. Immediate dismissal from team and return home at athlete’s expense.
  2. With-holding of a portion or all of any stipend(s) received from UMMAF, etc.
  3. Suspension from KICK International, activities for a specified period.

Violations requiring immediate action will be handled in accordance with UMMAF, constitution and by-laws… Any appeal taken for disciplinary action rendered in an emergency hearing shall be to UMMAF, National Board of Review and will be conducted in accordance with the organization constitution and by-laws. ACCEPTANCE I pledge to uphold the spirit of this Code, which offers a general guide to my conduct as a participant in a UMMAF, INCLUDING ALL MARTIAL ARTS UNDER THE JURISDICTION OF THE SANCTIONING BODY for any and all events I may participate in. I agree to follow the UMMAF Grievance Procedures if I am charged with violation of the Code. I have familiarized myself with the Code and understand that my acceptance of it, as signified by my signature below, is a condition of my membership in this UMMAF event.

Code of Conduct Acceptance (July 23