Join UMMAF as Competitors & Officials

All Competitors and Officials who participate in our events MUST JOIN UMMAF AS A REGISTERED MEMBER and COMPLY WITH OUR CODE OF CONDUCT.

Annual Membership Fee: $35 (non-refundable)

Membership Benefits Include:

fastlane savings Logo

FastLane Savings

We are extremely excited to have negotiated an exclusive deal with Fastlane Savings for all our
members. Their national discount program provides easy to redeem savings at many popular
businesses across the U.S. Currently there are over 240,000 merchants offering deals of up to 50% off on purchases, we make every day.


  • 400+ National Brands and 1000’s of Local Stores and Restaurants.
  • Deals available in 100% of the Major U.S. Markets. 10,000+ Cities and Towns.
  • Popular categories of Dining, Shopping, Movies, Hotels and more.
  • Buy-One-Get-One-Free (BOGOF) offers from fast food, casual and fine dining locations.
  • Save 10% – 50% off at well-known National Stores you know and trust.
  • A Travel Engine that offers Huge Savings on Hotels and Car Rentals.
  • All included in a Free App that allows you to easily locate the nearby deals and pull-up mobile coupons to redeem on the go. Just show your phone screen and save!

Durante Insurance

Life Insurance Benefit:  Members may elect to participate in a $3000.00 life insurance policy with an additional $3000.00 in coverage for spouse and $1000.0 for each child.  As a UMMAF member, you pay nothing for the first year of coverage and only $10 annually for each year after the first you elect to retain the policy.  Find out more by speaking with the UMMAF Insurance representative. – Some exclusions apply, speak to the UMMAF Insurance Representative for more details. – All benefits provided through Durante Insurance and Financial Services.

Accident Medical Insurance: Members may also elect to participate in an accident medical policy which pays cash to the member for injury incurred at any time.  Cost is $8 monthly in most states or $100 annually.  UMMAF Insurance Representative Ashley Crowther can provide additional information. – Exclusions for injuries incurred during a professional (paid) sporting activity, or active military – All benefits provided through Durante Insurance and Financial Services.

Event, Gym and Property Liability Insurance:  Member gyms will receive a discounted premium to all sporting event policies and to gym liability and
property policies.  Discount for qualified members is 20% off the normal annual gym insurance premium while non-qualified members will still receive a 5% discount for gym liability policies.  For more information contact the UMMAF insurance representative. Qualified status is based on specific underwriting guidelines and must be determined at the time of application- All benefits provided through Durante Insurance and Financial Services.

Legal shield logoLegal Shield

Members of UMMAF receive a special monthly rate with Legal Shield providing them with a Lawyer on Retainer.

Benefits include:

  • Free Wills
  • Document Review
  • Demand Letter Writing,
  • Traffic Violation Representation
  • Contract Review and many other free services.

In addition, the member receives a discounted rate for all additional legal services not covered under the basic plan benefits.  Price will vary by state; however, UMMAF members receive a special group rate.  For more details contact the UMMAF Insurance Representative listed below. – All benefits provided through Durante Insurance and Financial Services.

More Information About These Benefits Will Be Provided After Your Membership Registration Is Complete

Your membership with UMMAF must be in good standing to qualify for these benefits.

Special Note About The Registration Process:

Before completing your Membership Registration, you will be asked to read and comply with a CODE OF CONDUCT.  Competitors will also be directed to accept a WAIVER OF RELEASE before being forwarded to PayPal to process your membership fee.  Please be sure to print a copy of your receipt and bring with you as confirmation of your Membership Registration at the Event Check-in.

Please use one of the links below to complete your Membership.