Join UMMAF as a Registered Club

UMMAF recognizes all training gyms who offer MMA or BJJ instruction, either for competition or fitness, as a potential Club who can participate in the organization of the Mixed Martial Arts on a global level.  All Clubs who participate in our program MUST JOIN AS A UMMAF REGISTERED CLUB and COMPLY WITH OUR CODE OF CONDUCT.

Why is Club Membership Important?

Club Membership with UMMAF carries with it the right to vote in the UMMAF Annual General Assembly.  The importance of your vote is that UMMAF Policies, it’s Officers, and changes to the Statues and Policies are all decided upon by you – the Members – making UMMAF a Democratic organization.  Registering your Club with UMMAF is a recognition that will help your Club be seen as a Leader in the development of MMA on a global level.  Specific UMMAF benefits include:

  • IMMAF Belt Ranking through the IMMAF Belt Progression Program giving certification belts for those who simply want to train in the sport of MMA with out competing. (Coaching Certification and Program Fees Apply)
  • IMMAF Trainer Certification brought to your Club to train your Coaches on the IMMAF standards for competition and belt progression.  (Additional Fees apply.)
  • UMMAF Voting Rights for UMMAF General and Extraordinary General Assemblies.
  •  paid access to the IMMAF Belt Progression Program.
  • UMMAF Swag including a UMMAF Banner to display in your Club and a Certified Club Window Sticker for your entrance.
  • Cross-Market Your Club Online with a listing of your Club on the UMMAF Website as an Authorized Training Facility.

Club Requirements:

  • Club owner agrees to honor all UMMAF members by allowing them to train for 1 week, every 6 months at no charge.  Beyond that, it is recommended that the Club offers a special Member Rate to athletes preparing for competition.
  • Club owner agrees to cross-market UMMAF on their website and through Social Media following Branding Guidelines.
  • Club owner must comply with the UMMAF Code of Conduct.
  • Club owner agrees to promote UMMAF Team Trials to Members of their Club in order to provide them the opportunity to qualify for International Competition.
  • Current Membership is required to receive benefits.  Annual Membership Dues are non-refundable.

Additional Club Member Benefits:

UMMAF is proud to be a Club distributor of RDX Sports products!

UMMAF registered Clubs may now purchase a full range of gear and equipment for your athletes or your Club at discounts as much as 40% off!  Choose from mouthguards, gloves, speedbags, heavy bags, Gi’s, and more.  Boxing, MMA or BJJ, it doesn’t matter! RDX and UMMAF have you covered!

Accident Medical Insurance: Members may also elect to participate in an accident medical policy which pays cash to the member for injury incurred at any time.  Cost is $8 monthly in most states or $100 annually.  UMMAF Insurance Representative Ashley Crowther can provide additional information. – Exclusions for injuries incurred during a professional (paid) sporting activity, or active military – All benefits provided through Durante Insurance and Financial Services.

Event, Club and Property Liability Insurance:  Member gyms will receive a discounted premium to all sporting event policies and to Club liability and
property policies.  Discount for qualified members is 20% off the normal annual gym insurance premium while non-qualified members will still receive a 5% discount for gym liability policies.  For more information contact the UMMAF insurance representative. Qualified status is based on specific underwriting guidelines and must be determined at the time of application- All benefits provided through Durante Insurance and Financial Services.

Legal shield logoClub Members of UMMAF receive a special monthly rate with Legal Shield providing them with a Lawyer on Retainer.

Benefits include:

  • Free Wills
  • Document Review
  • Demand Letter Writing,
  • Traffic Violation Representation
  • Contract Review and many other free services.

In addition, the member receives a discounted rate for all additional legal services not covered under the basic plan benefits.  Price will vary by state; however, UMMAF members receive a special group rate.  All benefits provided through Durante Insurance and Financial Services. Contact Ashley Crowther at 702-478-4663.


Gold and black lettering - golden services group, marketing and communications specialistClub Members qualify for a special website development package breaking the cost to develop and manage a professional, SEO ready website into 12 affordable monthly payments. Additionally, Club Members can benefit from up-to 25% Savings also applies to all your digital marketing needs including graphic design, email marketing, social media marketing, mobile/local search (Google) and digital marketing (PPC through AdWords or Social Media) is offered through Golden Services Group, LLC.

fastlane savings LogoFastlane Savings offers our Club Members discounts at many popular businesses across the U.S. Currently there are over 240,000 name-brand merchants offering deals of up-to 50% off on everyday purchases.


  • 400+ National Brands and 1000’s of Local Stores and Restaurants.
  • Deals available in 100% of the Major U.S. Markets. 10,000+ Cities and Towns.
  • Popular categories of Dining, Shopping, Movies, Hotels and more.
  • Buy-One-Get-One-Free (BOGOF) offers from fast food, casual and fine dining locations.
  • Save 10% – 50% off at well-known National Stores you know and trust.
  • A Travel Engine that offers Huge Savings on Hotels and Car Rentals.
  • All included in a Free App that allows you to easily locate the nearby deals and pull-up mobile coupons to redeem on the go. Just show your phone screen and save!

More Information About These Benefits Will Be Provided After Your Membership Registration Is Complete

Your membership with UMMAF must be in good standing to qualify for the benefits outlined.

Membership Dues

$175 Inroductory 1st Year  |   $250 Annual Membership

(Enter Coupon Code “EarlyBird175” and save $75 on first year of Membership!)

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